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Thanks for your further guidance.
On the hyperlink point - my hyperlinks are in the mailmerge main document for my email messages. When I merge them within Word the hyperlinks are still there. But when I merge to send them as emails (with attachments) the hyperlinks revert to plain text. See July Gift Aid email - Test.docx.

On the truncated addresses point I have uploaded my master form 'Allocations form for Gift Aid & Tax Refund (Form) (Mailmerge) - Test (Copy).docx', the first and second merged attachments 'Form 1.docx' and 'Form 2.docx'. From these can you work out what is going wrong?

One other, hopefully final, question. Is it possible to format the amount columns on the Forms as currency? At present when data is entered it simply appears as numeric. I would prefer if '20' was entered it would appear as '20.00'.

Thanks again for your patience - but a lot of progress has been made.
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