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Thanks for your further guidance. I think I am understanding a little bit better whats going on!
I have got my master mailmerge directory document with the 3 test email addresses but I am still having a problem understanding how I can get my 2 attachments to identify with each individual. As I explained earlier, my original 2 attachments drew their data from the same query in Access. The fields in both included names & addresses & donor numbers (as well as the email addresses). But if, as you suggest, I need to split the results of the merging of these 2 documents into individual letters(emails) and forms I have a problem! When I complete the merges the results of each are in one single file. Can you guide me as to how these can be split into individual letters(emails) & forms (identified by the email address) and how can they then be linked (via the email address) to the email address in the master directory file?
I get the impression that what you have suggested is likely to solve my problem - if only I could actually apply it to my files!
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