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Red face Created Outlook Design form Office 2007 Doesn't show Added Fields when emailed

Hello everyone,

I have created an Outlook Design Form and added some additional fields (I have used the Message form as the start point). What I have done is reduce the Message space and added a few extra controls to the right. Such as Labels, Combos, Textbox and Checkbox.

I Publish it and locate the folder and give it a relevant name, and when I come to use it I can view the form as I have designed but if I email it to myself it only comes through as a normal message with no reduced message area or showing my additional controls.

At present I am testing this from home and using a standalone PC, could anyone guide me. I have done some extensive searching to try and reslove this.

A number of websites tell you how to put it together which is fine, but don't explain why you can't see the Design Form or controls when you send it, even to myself.

Thank you and I look forward to any helpful responces.
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