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Default Find, Replace

Hello everyone,

I am new around here.

Is it possible to have MS Word 2003 find and replace text between a certain text? For instance, my document has many lines with text like:

"Warehouse: city 1, Store: Area 1, Address: Avenue 1, PIPE: 15412."
"Warehouse: city 3, Store: Area 5, Address: Avenue 5, IT: 15412."
"Warehouse: city 8, Store: Area 2, Address: Street 4, GATE: 15412."

Notice that first word (Warehouse) and the last text (15412) remain identical in all the lines.

I want to replace everything between 'Warehouse' and '15412' in every line so the end result may look like:

"Warehouse: Village 31, Store: Zone DC, Address: Part 1, CIR: 15412."
"Warehouse: Town 4, Chain: Zone D2C, email: Blvd 5, CIK: 15412."
"Warehouse: Locality A, Grocer: County 7E, snailmail: Building 4, DIMD: 15412."

Any idea if I can do it?

There are many files and each has about 20 such replacements to be made.

I've a feeling I'm not making enough sense

thank you for reading this post and thank you in advance for any help.

A Shahane
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