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Default Possible recovery of word file

Hello experts I prey you can help me but think this may be a lost cause.

Ok here goes, I downloaded a template from the uni server for a research project, I never saved this but kept working on the downloaded doc (mistake number 1). I had made a good start when my computer crashed and I had to power down. When I restarted the computer the file had recovered and appeared on the side. Over the weekend I wrote around 5000 words, on Sunday night after I went to bed Windows installed updates and restarted. On Monday morning I turned on my computer and word had recovered the doc as it was before the 5000 words was added. Strangely enough word recovered 2 other documents that I had been using seperately and these were up to date as of Sunday night.

I have tried the normal methods of recovery from microsofts site and no joy.

Dont need to tell me how absolutly braindead I am for not saving my work, I am fully aware
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