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Originally Posted by Charles Kenyon View Post
You are correct; your formatted autocorrect entries should be stored in

I would suggest having somewhat longer entry names, but I don't have any reason to think that your two-character entry names are causing your problems.

For the ones that are causing problems, consider using AutoText instead of AutoCorrect.

Automated Boilerplate Using Microsoft Word
Thanks for the AutoText suggestion. I'll do more research into using it for my formatted entries in case I can't uncross these wires. I had resisted using it in the past because it requires five keystrokes (first four letters of the entry plus enter), but if the choices are repeatedly re-selecting my language or using 5 keystrokes, the 5 keystrokes will win out.

(I'm a transcriptionist and tend to type 50-150 pages per day, so minimizing keystrokes is definitely high on my list of priorities.)
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