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Originally Posted by Gail L. View Post
Is there a way to convert this to an actual form short of replacing each underline area to a text field?
Don't you just HATE people who can't use Word? I bet they even used the space bar to line it all up, too!

Unfortunately, the answer to your question is 'Not without using Info Path or very advanced VBA.', sorry!

There is ONE thing that you could try - it wont solve the WHOLE issue, but it MIGHT reduce the time it takes to clean it all up (I say might because it depends on the document and it's layout as to wheter this will help, or hinder!!):

Select the whole document (or section) and use the 'Text to Table' feature to clean up the document - you could then use the 'Find & Replace' feature to remove all _underscores_.
IF you are lucky, this will reduce the amount of tidying up that you need to do.

Good Luck!
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