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Default Different partitions?


When I use the Activation Wizard, it asks for the Installation ID which is generated by the Wizard and then the robot on the phone gives me another number to enter on the screen and then tells me that my disk is invalid. In reading the Installation rules within Office "About" section, they mention that a device is ONE partition on a machine. This may be my problem because it initially was installed on Drive C:; after a software bug killed my machine 18 months ago I had to install XP and Office on Drive E: and 2 weeks ago, after a severe virus corrupted some system files, I formatted C: & E: and installed XP and Office both back on C:.

Before I go any further with trying to "talk" with MS, is there a way for me to re-enter the original Key Code without uninstalling and re-installing Office to make sure the problem isn't with what I entered last week as the Key Code?

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