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Default Graphics Created in Word 2003 Cannot Be Displayed in Word 2010

We have a database with thousands of records created in Word 2003 - hundreds of them contain graphics. We are now being transitioned to Word 2010 and everytime we paste graphics from the database into our Word 2010 template, we get a red x box with "This image cannot currently be displayed." We are currently on WinXP and will be migrating to Win7 at some point.

Settings in place:

Insert/paste pictures as: Inline with text
Show picture placeholders - unchecked
Show drawings and text boxes on screen - checked
Print drawings created in Word - checked
In Print Layout view

Most of our source 2003 graphics are embedded in tables to dynamically control their behavior when content is inserted/deleted above them. We don't want graphics running off the page or being separated from lead-in text or titles.

Also, our source graphics were created in either "In line with text", or "In front of text" layout.

We have discovered that, after pasting content that contains text and graphics from 2003 into 2010 and getting the red x boxes for each of the graphics, we can copy an individual graphic in 2003 and then use the Paste Picture option to paste it into the 2010 document (this works the same for source graphics in either "In line with text" or "In front of text" layout). The spacing around the graphic then needs to be manipulated (and the red x box deleted). We need to go back to the source 2003 doc and repeat this process for each individual graphic. This is not a viable solution since we have over 100 users and copying each individual graphic each time it's used is time prohibitive.

We understand the differences between 2003 and 2010 re: the text layer and the drawing layer.

Bottom line - we're looking for a solution where content (text and graphics) created in Word 2003 can be pasted into Word 2010 with no need for manual manipulation of the graphics. We are hoping the answer isn't to recreate all the graphics in Word 2010.
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