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Default How to re-link default email acct folders to default Outlook Data File folders?

I recently reinstalled Outlook 2010 (Win 7, 64-bit) & have, for the most part, successfully reconfigured my 2 IMAP email accounts. The default email account had always been linked to my default Outlook Data File, so that any new mail would show up in both inboxes. Can someone please help me to re-synch these 2 accounts/folders? Also, I'm "missing" all my emails from my default account, as well as my calendar; my contacts were successfully imported. In addition to 2 Outlook folders in my "Documents" containing 3 .pst files (5.10 MB, 761 KB, & 265 KB) & 1 .csv file, I also found 2 .adr files (DOS & Windows), an .srs file, an .xml file, & possibly an .ics file (currently can't access). Ironically, after this newest reinstall, my very first batch of emails, thought gone for good, showed up again! Any advice/recommendations on these issues would be greatly appreciated.
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