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Whoa! I actually got it. I'm a genius.
  1. Open Insert ribbon => select Table dropdown => Click on top left cell.

    *poof*, a single column single row table is created.
  2. Right click on table and select Table Properties... from context menu.

    "Table Properties" dialog appears with "Table" tab opened by default.
  3. Select the "Center" icon under "Alignment" in the Table" tab.
  4. Select the "Columns" tab.

    Dialog is updated with "Columns" tab stuff.
  5. Uncheck the "Preferred width" checkbox.
  6. Click the ever-present "OK" button.

    Table magically centers and is reduced to the size of an empty cursor.
  7. Open Design ribbon => Drop down the "Borders" submenu => Select "No Border".

    *poof* the border disappears from the table.
The table is now ready for use as a left-justified centered table. Just type away and enjoy. If the typing reaches the width of the page, then table will stop growing and the text will wrap.

This is ideal for content that has a finite width, like poetry.

Thank you for your time folks. Sorry to beat ya'll to the answer. Contiued looking for it after I posted.
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