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Default Word 2007 Password not staying after file transfer.


I'm trying to help a 3rd party with Word 2007.
The issue as i understand it is:

They have a password on a Word Document that allows 1 type of user to see parts of it that others cannot. Then It is copied to a Server and then copied from the server to another computer and the password is no longer on the document and all information is seen.

-They add a password using Developer/Protect Document/Restricted access/

Then it has you download/install=

This is to use the Information Rights Management part of office.

So from that I would think that whatever computer you have this Protected Document on must install the Windows Rights Management Services SP2 application.

So am i right in my thinking to goto:
Scroll down ½ way in the page and select the download that matches the system and see if it works?

Let me know if i'm missing something here and i'll duble check the way they are doing things.
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