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Default Outlook/Android sync with imap account not quite right

I am using outlook 2007 & Windows 7 - 64 bit
I am a long time outlook user. I have always had a pop3 account but just a couple of weeks ago I got a new smartphone, a Samsung Galaxy S2 and have decided to change my email to a imap so I would not have to maintain my e-mail in both locations.

Everything is now set up and working like it should be with one exception. When I delete or move an e-mail on my pc outlook puts a line through everything and it winds up getting deleted on my android device, but it stays on the pc with a line through it. Has been that way now for 2 days and I have restarted both outlook and the pc. Everything else works like I would expect. For example if I initiate a new e-mail on the phone, it shows up on the pc. If delete or move an e-mail from the phone, it does the same on the pc. When I initiate an e-mail on the pc it even shows up on the phone as well. It is just when I try to delete or move an e-mail and initiate this action from the pc that this happens.

Any ideas?
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