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Originally Posted by pankajkankaria View Post

I have over a period of time developed a many macros each of which I use accross multiple excel spreadsheets. It is very painful to keep a track of each macro and reuse them.

Is there a way I can centralise mu macros and import all of them together? in other words, can I centralise the macros?


Easy - create a template spreadsheet and add modules to it in your VBA window (you could do it all in one, but then sifting through it to find the ONE you need, could be a real pain - So, I suggest you catagorise the macros and name the modules after your catagories!).
Then you can use this as your default template, or save it to a different area and only use it when you need to access the macros.

Also - you can export and import modules, so once made, you could export to a file, then import to a spreadsheet as and when required.


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