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Default Directory Mail Merge with table layout

Hi all,

I am trying to perform a Directory type Mail Merge from Excel into Word where the data being referenced in Excel has repeated values in one column which I effectively want to group on so that I produce one document per value in that column instead of one column per record in the range.

The Directory Mail Merge option seems to work perfectly for this and by following some instructions online I have been able to successfully get the merge to work.

However, I have one final layout issue which is bugging me and I can't seem to get it to work properly. If I give a simplified example of what I am doing, perhaps this will make more sense.

Say I have the following data in my Excel sheet in the range which is being specified in my Mail Merge:

Customer    Site             Item     Charge1   Charge2   Charge3
--------    ----             ----     -------   -------   -------
Customer 1  Little Place     Widget    45.00     75.00     95.00  
Customer 1  Medium Road      Widget    40.00     70.00     98.00  
Customer 1  Medium Road      Thing     48.00     76.00     92.00  
Customer B  Red Street       Widget    35.00     72.00     90.00  
Customer B  Blue Avenue      Widget    42.00     78.00     87.00  
Customer B  Blue Avenue      Thing     41.00     68.00     85.00  
Customer B  Green Drive      Widget    38.00     65.00     91.00  
Customer $  Square Crescent  Widget    39.00     62.00     90.00  
Customer $  Circle Way       Widget    34.00     60.00     96.00
I then have my Word document set up to mail merge based on this range, using the following merge code:

So effectively I check to see if I am merging the first item in the merge sequence, outputting the start of a letter if I am, which contains the Dear [x] line and the table header row.

Then I use some logic to determine whether to output the next record from the data source range as a row in the table or to end the letter and start the next one. In this way I should end up with one document per Customer, each with a list of their records from the Excel range, like this:

However, what I actually end up with is something like this:

So is there any way to get this to actually display in a table properly? I have tried moving the closing/terminating double quote at the end of each table row into the final cell on that row, but this breaks the merge entirely, so I cannot see how I can get this to work.

Any suggestions would be most welcome!
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