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Thumbs down Outlook 2010 internet mail request

I have an Annoying Thing (password request) which pops up when I am using Outlook 2010 to connect to my internet mail server btinternet.

I had this problem in November. I changed all sorts of things, re-entered all the info in the email account settings etc etc but nothing seemed to work. Then it went away of its own accord. It never appeared from 26-Nov until two days ago when up it came again, time after time. I have again reconfirmed all the info in email account settings but it won’t go away. It doesn’t appear when I am using Internet Explorer, it is an email issue.

I am not aware that anything changed on 26-November nor two days ago. It doesn’t come up every time Outlook connects, just every so often.

Any ideas for getting rid of it permanently?
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