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Default "Problem sending the command" on only one .xlsm file, Office XP/Win 7 64bit

I've got a user that is having problems opening up one file on his laptop. He is running windows 7 with office XP/2002. I have installed the newest office file converter from MS. When I double click on the file in explorer it starts converting the file and then gives me the "problem sending the command" error message. I've done a lot of searching and none of the situations I've seen apply to this case. He can open up other .xlsm files fine. This file opens after you click OK to the error message but it opens as read only. If I save it as an .xlsx file it opens fine. There are other .xlsm files that are similiar to this one he can open fine. Other users with Win 7/Office XP are able to open the file fine. I have checked the option for ignore other applications and that is unchecked. I've reinstalled the office file converter, that hasn't solve it. While I would love to move everyone to a more recent version of office I doubt that will happen...

Any ideas?
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