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Default Excel error: "Too many different cell formats"

Big problem with this error message. I am aware of the MS support page here... but this isn't correcting our problem.

Here's the problem.

I have a user who has been routinely creating Excel 2007 documents and then saving them as .xls files to share with Excel 2000 users. In the past this has not been a problem. Other users who are using Excel 2000 were able to open them with no errors.

The latest file that was created and saved as a .xls gives the error "Too many different cell formats" when attempting to open it with Excel 2000.

We have tried completely removing ALL formatting using Excel 2007 then resaving as .xls but we still get the same error when trying to open with Excel 2000. This is a very important file that my user needs to share with other Excel 2000 users.

Any help on what's going on would be very much appreciated.


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