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Question How to set task to be done by 4 resources each one after another?

Hello, my name's Lucas, I'm new user of this forum from Poland.

I'm trying to learn a lot about Ms Project and few days ago I found a problem, I cannot solve till today.

I have an exercise to do small project (building a car garage). And one point of this project is problematic: I don't know how to set the following situation - I have 4 employed bricklayers working on the construction field. And one of the task is "8h long, 4 bricklayers working, please set each bricklayer to work after another" - so each of them have to work for 2 hours, and next one starts his job when another will finish it (single work). If I only add them as resources to task, each of them will work full time (4 employees work together for 8 hours).

Does anybody have a solution for this problem? Any help will be appreciated.
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