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Originally Posted by ronb View Post
In amongst my personal e-mail address i have a large grouip of business ones which I want to export to a CSV file for bulk mailing purposes, not spam I hasten to add!

if I select the relevant business addresses from the "Contacts" list I seem to be able to export my "Personal Contacts" but not the business ones.

I have spent a long time trying to solve this problem as I can find no way of selecting and exporting only the business addresses. Can anyone please give me some help??

Thank you.


If you can export all of your contacts to one file, then export the "Personal Contacts" to another file, then by merging the 2 files you'll have 1 copy of those you want and 2 copies of those you don't.

Run a tally (count) report, and select only those which have a count of 1
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