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Default Attaching MSG file is stripped on send and HTML tags show on previewing prior to send

We store Outlook MSG files in our Edoc respository. Various MSG files need to be sent as Outlook attachments to clients, however, if you open the MSG file after it is attached in Outlook (previewing the attachment prior to sending) the MSG displays the email body in HTML tags. Also when you send the Outlook email, the MSG attachment is removed? Why is Outlook behaving this way our MSG as attachments?

Detailed Scenario:
1.) MSG file email is an HTML body email with a single PDF attachment
2.) MSG file is stored on network share
3.) Copy the MSG file from the share to your local PC, the MSG file can be opened through Outlook 2010 with no problems (the HTML body shows and the PDF attachment is visible). No issues detected at this point.
4.) You create a New Outlook message (using the typical Outlook New Email button).
5.) You select the MSG file mentioned above and attach as a typical attachment
6.) You double click the MSG attachment to preview it prior to sending and the MSG file body shows HTML tags (the HTML body is not rendered)
7.) You send the email and the entire MSG file attachment is stripped from the email when the email arrives
8.) No indication why it was stripped in the email (actually you have no idea an MSG attachment was ever included)

If you take this same MSG file and attach through GMAIL and send to same Outlook email account, the MSG file arrives and works as rendered HTML as it should.

Why does the Outlook attaching event manipulate the MSG file attachment? What does the Outlook attaching event do to MSG files? We are familiar with inspecting the MSG file CurrentItem properties, is there a property that is being changed when the MSG file is attached to an Outlook email? If we zip the MSG file, the MSG file is sent successfully within the ZIP file. Is the MSG file interpreted by Outlook and interrogated for some security issue or some MAPI message property is edited automatically?

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