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Originally Posted by JulieS View Post
Ketanco wrote:
when i set basline, i didnt understand set interim plan and selected tasks options,. can you explain?

Interim plans allow you to copy baseline data from one baseline to another. For example, you've planned your project, baselined and started tracking. Then you are told that a key resource that you had planned on having available is not available to you for a month. You wish to preserve the original baseline for comparison later -- so before you re-plan, you save the baseline by copying it into Baseline1. You then replan your project -- without the key resource and re-baseline. You replace the original baseline, so variance is now on the new baseline, but you still have the first baseline preserved in Baseline1.
but then you could have just kept the baseline and without any interim plan just saved a new baseline to baseline 1. why do you go thru interim plan? baseline 1 and basline 2 and 3 do they normally have to have smae resources and only through interim plan you can change resources? if so does this mean, the resources of a project can only be defined in the beginning and once you change resources, you have to mark interim plan when you save baselines?
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