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Default Word 2007 Mail Merge

Hello Everyone! This looks like a great forum. I hope someone here can help me!

I am doing a mail merge in Word 2007. I have no problems doing the merge.

I DO have a problem with how the labels are printing out. The address print out right along the border of the label instead of printing in the center of the label.

Now, I understand that I can center align all of the labels but that is not what I want. I simply want them to be left aligned but more in the center of the label.

I have been trying to remedy this by going to the Page Layout tab and then clicking Paragraph and messing with the indentation and spacing. When I change the indentation and spacing, the only label that changes is the first label in the upper left hand corner, the rest just stay the same.

Has anyone experienced this?

Any hints or tips?

Anything anyone can tell me would be greatly appreciated. Thanks everyone!
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