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Default Independent, Split Columns in Word?


I am trying to see if it is possible to create two separate columns in Word that work totally independent of one another. Let me explain. I know you can create multiple columns very easily. However, when you add text on one column and finish to the bottom of the page, it begins to add text on the second column on the same page, moving the text down. What I am trying to accomplish is to be able to have two columns. The left column is blank where you can type freely with whatever font size, etc. you desire. Simultaneously, I want to have the right column loaded with text that correspond to the contents of whatever I type on the left column WITHOUT moving the text down or changing it an any way.

Ultimately, I am wanting to be able to write my own comments and notes to the text on the right, which means that I want the text on the right to stay put.

Is this possible with Word? If not, does anyone know of any program that would work?

Thank you,
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