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I've changed the selection to the 'Automatic logon with current username and password' option, clicked 'apply' and 'close', and come out of the Internet Options window. Since you didn't comment on the message-box that comes up saying 'Sites added to this zone must use the https:// prefix. This prefix assures a secure connection.', I've done as I said in my previous post, i.e. un-check the box, add '' and then re-check the box. If I should have done anything different, you need to let me know.

We'll see what happens next. I did the 'pop3' thing immediately after your last post, and the 'Enter Network Password' popup has still been occurring intermittently since then, so if anything, it's now going to be the 'Automatic logon' change that will make a difference. Since it is an intermittent thing, I won't know whether it's still happening until and unless it happens; so, watch this space ...!

Thank you for your assistance and you may rest assured I'll keep you posted.

Sorry: forgot to add - yes, Internet Explorer is my default browser and Outlook is my default e-mail programme.

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