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Question Tasks and external files

Good afternoon,
I am working as a support engineer, and I would like to set up following system:
- A customer enters a complaint using a website. The complaint is stored in a text file on a central server. [This I am able to do]
- Every day when I come in, I want all my tasks to be exported in a backup, and in top of that, I want to import the text file that the customers have created into my "Task" chapter in Outlook.

In order to set up such a system, I need to know the following:
- How can I configure Outlook in such a way that it, at startup, backups my current tasks into an external file?
- Once the backup of my tasks is done, all my tasks need to be deleted.
- Now, Outlook needs to import the textfile that my customers have created.

Can somebody help me?
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