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Default Live mail contacts sync to 1 PC but not the other

I have configured my WLM email account on 2 separate PCs using Outlook Connector. Both PCs are running Outlook 2007 at SP3.

On one PC, I click on the address book icon in the Outlook toolbar & see all my WLM contacts & email addresses. On the other PC, the list is blank. Same if I open a new email & click on the 'to' box.

My list of contacts appears on both machines if I click on the 'contacts' tab at the bottom left of Outlook.

The only difference I can see is that if I click on tools>accounts>Address Books>Change, my email address appears in the list of available address books on the machine that has a populated address book, but on the other machine the available email account list is blank.

The instructions at the top of the box say to go to 'properties' of the contacts folder & to select 'show this folder as an email address book', but there is no 'contacts' folder under the email address in the Mail Folders list for me to right-click on.

Assistance much appreciated - I've started using Windows Live Mail as a substitute but it's no Outlook!
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