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To add to what Catalin has said which is perfectly correct as far as printing is concerned. However once you have your content designed and produced you will need to carry out the following steps (depending on how many pages you have to print):
1. Make a mock up of you book and mark each page with the page number.
2. The you will need to re-order your pages in Excel so that they print on the right side of the two page printout from Excel.
For example if you have an eight page book to print out each printed sheet (assuming double sided printing is used) will have the following pages printed on them:
Sheet 1 - Side 1:
Page 1 and 8
Sheet 1 - Side 2:
Page 2 and 7
Sheet 2 - Side 1:
Page 3 and 6
Sheet 2 - Side 2:
Page 4 and 5
Hope this helps.
Good luck.
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