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Originally Posted by SpiderTech View Post
I have done some searching for your specific setting. It appears your contact forms are customizations as their is no field for " Second Name". In options > Contacts, the default filing order can be set with use of the full name or Last,first / Company / last, first / company last, first.

Is your contact form a customization?
You stated you can manually file them using second name, does that option for second name show in the options?

Keep me posted?
I apologise for expressing myself so badly. When I referred to firstname and second name I really meant firstname and lastname. As I never deal with the second or middle name I always think of the last name as the second name.

So I have stored just the firstname and last(or family)name. I would like to sort them lastname, firstname but when I do this I get some listed that way and some still listed firstname lastname. This happens despite the fact that each contact is individually formatted as lastname. firstname.

If I set the global order as lastname, firstname will this take precedence over the individual setting or what?
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