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Default Conditional Formatting

I am using columns B through H. When column F contains "yes" that cell formats in blue. When column G contains "yes" it formats in pink. When column H contains "yes" it formats in yellow.

All of the cells in that row, B through H, need to format yellow whenever column H contains, "yes." If Column H does NOT contain "yes," I would like column F to remain blue, and column G to remain pink.

I am getting really strange results. If I use =H3="yes" and apply it to =$B$3:$H$77, only F, G and H format in yellow, even though the other columns are within that range. Furthermore, I lose the blue and pink formatting in rows that have no "yes" in column H because everything turns yellow.

I tried various other ranges , or popped the conditional formatting into different cells, and found random cells displaying in yellow - sometimes these cells wouldn't even be in the same row as H="yes". However, I could never get the entire row to turn yellow no matter what I did.

The only other conditional formatting applies gray formatting to blank cells. Only columns E through H would ever be blank, so I used range =$E$3:$H$77. I don't know if conflicting conditional formatting is causing this, or if I just don't understand how to apply it. Can you please advise?

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