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Originally Posted by allysonstewart View Post
Anytime, Jamal. Sorry that the previous options didn't work. Looks like there's an extra tab in there after the number. You probably tried this already, but what happens when you press the "Delete" key after "One" for "Chapter One?" Anything?

You can also try going to the Styles task pane, right-clicking on "Heading 1" and selecting "Modify." In the Modify Style dialog box, click "Format" and "Tabs" to bring up the Tabs dialog box for that style. Clear any tab stops and click "OK."

As a last resort, try deleting the outline styles and then rebuilding them. Sorry, I know this option is a lot of work. So, I hope you don't have to do that, unless of course, you only have a few.
thank you allysonstewart,

the control for this space is from:

1. define new multilevel list, then set the "follow number with" = nothing
2. clearing the tabs of the style heading 1 (as you have mentioned)

the attached images show these features


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