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Question Harassing word horizontal line

i m using MS Word (Office 2007) in XP sp3 .

while writing about an event i used a continuous array of underscores (like this ______ from starting of line to the ending) to give readers a pause. when i press enter the line gets bold . ok acceptable . but then i can't get rid of that bold line .

i tried copy pasting the whole document in a temporary .doc file; removed all "new line" (i.e. i removed all paragraphs). then re copy pasted it in new .doc and made new paragraphs wherever necessary but those bold lines still appear at page end.

WHY SO how to get rid of those bold horizontal lines? PLZ REPLY ASAP its killing me and i have to submit it. Detailed answers or solutions much appreciated.

P.S.- i have used 3 different fonts, is this creating the problem.
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