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Default Link Bar Duplication

I am in great misery right now.
I am using Frontpage 2002.
Originally I designed a website, and after some time the link bar from the top and left (same links) duplicated on me. They duplicated so much that Frontpage could not open.

After some time, I decided to re-do the website using all new pages. Nothing existing from the old website. I was planning on launching this website today, but much to my disapointment, the website corrupted again. The link bar from both top and left multiply so much each time the page is opened that it has over-written all data in there, and it has also caused me to lose the entire website. I have put countless hours into it, and its now toast.

What is causing this?
How do I stop it?
Is there a restoration to getting the website back?
Where did all my data and links and pictures go?
Has anyone else had this problem?
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