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Default Letterhead to appear on each page of word doc?

Hi guys

I've been asked to create a word document where an image of the letterheaded paper of the company appears on each new page.

This would be simple if it were a case of powerpoint where you have a master slide, but how do I do this on word - is it possible?

Ive been racking my brains for work arounds as I dont think its possible.

I've come up with:

Trying to use headers and footers but I dont think this could work.
Making a jpg of the letterhead paper and inserting as an image which could work but how would I get it to run through the document when a new page is created? Also, how to lock the image so the user can't move it?

Any help guys? I know the obvious answer is for them to just load letterheaded paper into the printer but for whatever reason that isnt an option.

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