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Default 30 seconds to open an e-mail message

I have someone sending me e-mail messages and they have been taking longer and longer to open. At first, I was cancelling thinking that it was locked up but I discovered that it is 30 seconds from a click on the "from" pane to an opening of the message. They are not long or complicated messages either.. No attachments, no urls, just discussion...

Peculiarity 1) Coincident or not? associated or not? Every time I open Outlook, I have to open the reading pane from the view menu.

Peculiarity 2) The delay only happens for e-mail from him and his earlier e-mail messages. All other e-mail sources seem to open just fine.

Peculiarity 3) If I reopen a reply to him from the outbox, it takes the 30 seconds to open. (I use F9 to release e-mail messages.)
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