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Keep in mind that OneNote is not
intended for creating finished/polished documents, so the table/outline
features in the current version were designed for ease of creating such
structures on the fly during a meeting/class.
No doubt that a big part of OneNotes appeal and functionality is, as you say, note taking on the fly. I appreciate the free-form nature which is at the same time organized. However, I agree with not only the ability to modify tab stops as needed, but really to be able to create and work with tables in the note. Of course this is not a full blown word processor, but then if it was, it would be Word and not One Note. Tables are still needed in notes: just today I spent an hour trying to figure out how to make a table, or as close as I could get to in OneNote, work for me, and then even worse to actually e-mail it.

Simply put, I'm nearly in love with OneNote, but it is sorely lacking some basics: tables, retained formatting in the email structure, etc. Oh well, I'm sure the wizards in Washington (uh, state) will figure all this out with the 2007 release. I for one look forward to it, and the ability to do even more in One Note.
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