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Default How to post a question on this forum

To post a question on this forum, please follow these steps:

Step 1. Register for a free account. Skip this step if you have already registered.

Step 2. Go to homepage and select a sub-forum suitable for your question. For example, if your question is about Excel, you should select the Excel forum. Click into the sub-forum you selected.

Step 3. Find the button , it's above the thread list, click it to start a new thread. See the screenshot below:

Use long titles telling something about the problem.

A title like "Word problem" or "Help with Excel" gives little guidance to the volunteers who answer questions here about whether they have knowledge that could help you. Your question might be skipped over by a busy volunteer who could help.

Better titles are: "Problem with printing to pdf" or "VBA project unviewable" or "Putting data from UserForm into document."

You can attach screenshots and files to help you describe your problem and to help people answering work on solutions.

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