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Default Outlook 2010 Contact Groups

I created a new Contact Group in Outlook 2010 (formerly called Distribution List). I now want to add some of my contacts to it. All of the contacts I want to add are already in my Outlook contacts.

Is there some way I can select the desired contacts on my Contacts list and then either click something to copy them into the particular Group or drag/drop them into the Group?

I already tried: open the contact group, click Add Members, click From Outlook Contacts. What I then get is a screen called "Address Book" not my regular contacts list. This Address Book is in alphabetical order by name - not useful for this application. My contact list is ordered by category - much more useful for this application.

I also noticed that I get the same Address Book screen when I do either of the following:
click Add Members, click From Outlook Contacts
click Add Members, click From Address Book

Any help appreciated!

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