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Default Auto Merge text from multiple sources

Hello to everyone.
I have a problem and would like to know whether there is a realistic and sensible solution available through word functionality that will help me to save time.

Every month, I have to construct a single word document with the same structure (in terms of pages, paragraphs, graphics, etc.) but the information for writing its constituent paragraphs comes from various other word files that I receive by e-mail each month.

Now, since I have to merge and modify information from 50 different files every month, and I'd like to avoid opening each one and copying and pasting their components, is there a way for me to automatically build this general word file?

To better explain the concept, let's make an example.
Assume I have to construct this final word document with the following structure:

- paragraph 1: The king of the Nord

- paragraph 2: The king of the south

- paragraph X: ....

Every paragraph is pulled from other word documents that I receive via e-mail each month, and I'd like to avoid having to copy-paste them all to create the final word document.

Is there something that will automatically allow me to complete this task and save huge amount of time?

Thank you in advance to anyone who will be able to answer my request.

PS: I'm working with the 365-word version.
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