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Default Monthly Report - automatic filling of txt from copied tables

I have a monthly report due which includes tables from a spreadsheet generated in Excel. I want to be able to paste new data in a table and have it automatically update the txt. Here is an example:


Daily flows averaged 47.09 kilo cubic feet per second (kcfs), compared to 73.15 kcfs in 2020 and 109.31 kcfs for the 2015 to 2019 average. Daily spill averaged 29.93 kcfs, compared to 47.45 kcfs in 2020 and 40.13 kcfs for the 2015 to 2019 average.

Table (this didn't copy over correctly but you get the idea, I want to link:

Date Weekly Average Flow Weekly Average Spill Weekly Average Temp
2021 47.09 29.93 50.4
2020 73.15 47.45 50.6
20152019 Avg. 109.31 40.13 51.1

Again, the idea is to copy the data into the new tables in word, and the txt is updated with the new data. Any help?
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