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Originally Posted by 911jason View Post
Funny you would mention that, I actually did the opposite while updating this form to look better than the version I inherited. Whoever created it, had merged that section as you suggested, then used the line tool to draw the lines back in. They didn't line up perfectly and I twitched every time I had to use this form!

If I was able to accomplish what I initially created this thread to ask about, then I would be able to use that functionality. Unfortunately, the current version of this form has 8 blank forms so that the instructor can use as many pages as they need. I'm trying to eliminate the extra pages and just have the option to add pages as needed.
Ouch, I sympathize with having to go with what works for other people, especially if they might not be as adept as you area.

A couple of years ago, I was asked to make a table that contains a lot of information (about a particular contamination site). It ended up being kind of similar to what you've got going on - that is, three areas that each look like tables. What I ended up doing was put the three tables within a larger table, so we had firmer control of how those three tables relate to each other spatially on the page. You can make the borders of any of the tables invisible, like maybe the outer one in your case.

I did a rough (not pretty and not spatially laid out the same as yours) version with one large no-printable-borders table with three sub-tables inside. If you add a page break below the second one, you can then just copy-paste the large table and it should fill out the third page, and update the page numbering, as needed.

Another thing you could do is save the big table to your Quick Parts, then insert it from Insert/Table/Quick Tables. Just a thought.
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