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Originally Posted by kilroyscarnival View Post
If you wanted all the area under "Describe Specific/Notable Events" to be one continuous text, simply merge those cells together by highlighting them and hitting Merge Cells in the Layout portion of the ribbon.
Funny you would mention that, I actually did the opposite while updating this form to look better than the version I inherited. Whoever created it, had merged that section as you suggested, then used the line tool to draw the lines back in. They didn't line up perfectly and I twitched every time I had to use this form!

Originally Posted by kilroyscarnival View Post
Also, there should be no need to amend your footer with the total number of pages. Word has the ability to automatically update that (page 2 of 4, etc.) Check under your footer options when you're clicked into it. Under Page Number, I see under 'Current Position" the ability to add several different styles of page number, including page x of y. One less thing to manually do!
If I was able to accomplish what I initially created this thread to ask about, then I would be able to use that functionality. Unfortunately, the current version of this form has 8 blank forms so that the instructor can use as many pages as they need. I'm trying to eliminate the extra pages and just have the option to add pages as needed.
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