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Originally Posted by Charles Kenyon View Post
This is a screenshot, a picture, not a document.
Attach a Sample File Demonstrating the Problem - Here's How
Yes, that was intentional to avoid having to scrub metadata.

Originally Posted by Charles Kenyon View Post
Is the signature block at the bottom to be filled in by hand when signing off? If so, I assume that it is in the footer rather than the document.
Yes, the instructor types in the trainee name and their own name, along with the dates they are signing the document. They then sign the printed form.

Originally Posted by Charles Kenyon View Post
You could have the table rows so they can expand to hold content and break across pages. As it is, your textbox comments are not going to connect to specific rows.
You could use the Comments feature in Word to add comments, as well. These can be attached to specific text.
I'm not sure I understand about the table rows expanding/breaking across pages. I would need the column headers at the top of each page, not just additional empty rows.

As for the textbox, the text lines up with the table cells nicely.

Your initial suggestion to use AutoText is almost exactly what I need, except that there doesn't seem to be any way to auto-link the new text box to the previous one. I truly appreciate all the time you have taken to respond!
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