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Default Bitlocker bug

I was verifying my Bitlocker Recovery key today and discovered a bug. Here's what I did:

One way to verify your Recovery Key is to boot into Safe Mode. To do this (from the Windows Desktop), hold down the SHIFT key, click the Windows icon, then power button icon, then Restart.

It will present a blue screen with different options. As you click each item below (Troubleshoot, Advanced Options, etc.), you'll be taken to another blue window). Click through the following options:

Troubleshoot | Advanced Options | Startup Settings

Click the blue Restart button.

The next window gives some info about the need to enter your Bitlocker recovery key. Press the ENTER key. The next screen is where you enter you're recovery key.

As you type each block of 6-digits of your recovery key, Bitlocker will check each block of numbers in real-time. If you enter a block of 6 digits incorrectly, it will display the message "The last 6 digits are incorrect. Please enter them again."

Here's where things get troubling. I found that if I enter ANY number as my very last number of that string, even though it displays the message "The last 6 digits are incorrect. Please enter them again.", if I just press the ENTER key again, I'm taken to the SafeMode menu where you select how you want to enter Safe Mode. After making a selection, it allows you to enter SAFE MODE, EVEN THOUGH THE KEY IS WRONG!

For example, let's say my Recovery Key ends in 185320. If I enter 185321, 185322, 185323 or 185329, it allows me to enter SAFE MODE (even though the key is wrong!). This should not be happening.

Can someone else confirm they can duplicate this?

I'm running Win10 Pro.
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