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Default Who Deleted the Meeting and When Was it Deleted?

At work yesterday I searched the Deleted Items for the meeting invite and found it. The meeting took place on 4/1/2021. I saved a copy of the meeting invite and also did a screen shot for good measure. I now have those stored in my personal online storage.

There is a message on the meeting invite that reads something to the effect of, "This meeting could not be found on the calendar. It may have been deleted or moved." That explains why I could not find it with a calendar search. I didn't delete the meeting. I wanted it kept on the calendar as evidence. I also checked every week from 4/1/2021 and none of my other meetings have been deleted, so it's not a case of Outlook removing the meeting because it was completed. I knew that would not be the case, but I wanted to prove it to myself anyway.

So now the question is, who deleted the meeting and when was it deleted? Does anyone know if there is a way to discover that?

Again, thanks in advance for any help that can be offered!

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