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If I'm understanding the situation correctly:

You'll have all these different "views" as separate worksheets in the same workbook, and you want different users to be guided directly to the tab or worksheet that is set up for them?

You can use a hyperlink, but I think with some caveats, especially given that you're on Word 2016 for Mac and I have Windows, so I'm not sure this will work exactly.

If your workbook is at X:\Work Files\Spreadsheets\DataWorkbook.xlsx

You would simply add the sheet name, preceded by the # symbol, and optionally a cell at the top of that sheet, preceded by the ! symbol.

X:\Work Files\Spreadsheets\DataWorkbook.xlsx#Overview!A1

That hyperlink should take the user to the page and view needed. I've read on another site, though, that this may or may not work exactly with different versions of Word. Hopefully someone else can weigh in, but I think in some older versions, the sheet name was to be inside 'Sheet1' single quotation marks, inverted commas or however you call them.

Another option would, I think, be to set up different workbooks, all pulling from the same source of data, but in different filters, so that you could direct them to different workbooks entirely. This might require updating links every time you open it.

Are you talking about filtering as in Data/Filter, or the newer Excel =FILTER function? I think you need 365 for that, but I'm not sure. Leila Gharani had some great intro videos on this feature. I used this ( to make some updating tasks much easier.
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