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May I respectfully reiterate the first line of my first post:
Originally Posted by Firefox1701 View Post
Let me start by saying that I mean no disrespect whatsoever to any of the other users of / contributors to this forum, particularly bearing in mind that many of you are presumably in much the same position as myself.
I don't think I could have made it much clearer that my post was not intended in any way to criticise anyone who might be reading it, regardless of their circumstances. If - and I struggle to imagine it - but if I did somehow manage to inadvertently give offence to anyone reading this, please accept my unreserved apology.
... although ...
I'm not sure why an administrator would feel a need to address a perfectly polite, respectful and reasonable question - framed well within the guidelines set out for use of this forum - in this manner. Having made my demeanour toward other contributors clear at the outset, does a reminder about 'the kind of attitude some bring to forums such as this' really seem necessary?
I can't, and wouldn't presume to, speak for any other contributor. I would suggest the possibility that if some of those contributors are perhaps less than diplomatic, it could be due to the frustration of having to trawl Google or employ educated guesswork to find solutions to their problems - just as was the case for me.
My intention was never to criticise the users of this forum. However, the ratio of views to answered questions is what it is: I'm not inventing that to prove a point. My point was simply that someone somewhere must have the knowledge to be able to answer these questions definitively, and I'm sure I do speak for most if not all of the users of this forum when I say that we would very much like that person's phone number or e-mail address.
Chris, I do take your point - up to a point - but as for citing a specific post, well, my last one would do to be getting on with; but for the purposes of example, you could take almost any post on the first page of this forum. Whilst I understand that your post was not intended to be inflammatory - as, indeed, neither was mine - I do take some exception to the phrase 'perhaps the original poster just didn't try hard enough'. Knowing - as we all do - the odds against finding a solution via this forum - again, with no disrespect to all the other forum users who are in the same position - I come here as a last resort, not a first line of enquiry. If I'm posting a question on this forum, you can be sure I've looked copiously elsewhere first.
If other users feel that my question is unreasonable or that any of what I've said is worded in an unreasonable or disrespectful way, by all means let them say so. In the interests of equitability, if anyone else would also like to know where they can get definitive answers to their questions, I'd be interested to hear from them, too.
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