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Originally Posted by Matrix View Post
... I've been considering migrating the forum to a modern software for a while, maybe it's time to do it.
I too am spending time in Edit after Preview, deleting the spurious returns.

IF you go ahead and migrate to new software, might you give extra-special attention to the search mechanism?

BBS are repositories of data, and when the search mechanism is crippled, much of that data can not be found, resulting in time spent in futile searches, and time spent by people replying "You need this, here ...".

Economics, I know, but to the best of my knowledge no quantitative study has been done on time spent, and missed solutions.

i would be particularly fond of a search mechanism that allowed programmer-types to enter nested Boolean expressions:-
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it's not for everyone, I know, but a bit of logic might rub off onto non-programmers.
Thanks, Chris
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