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Originally Posted by Firefox1701 View Post
There are posts on here which have had in the order of 500 views and not a single answer. As I type, in fact, out of all the questions that appear on the first page, there is only one answer out of a combined total of literally hundreds of views.
Hi Firefox. I cannot in all conscience fail to respond to your question(s) (Grin!)
I have attached an image of three rows from "Unanswered posts" in the first of FORTY pages of unanswered posts on a different board.

The first and third lines show announcements which are not questions, it is true, but tend not to generate much discussion. A vanilla announcement such as "Tomorrow is Friday" carries very little information content, and does not ask a question. These announcements tend to come from administrators or people whose main interest is in that particular third-party application.

The second line is an announcement by Yours Truly, in a programming language forum. At the time I had written some VBA code which I thought might be of interest to a few people, a contribution to the general pool of knowledge, or might cause someone to think "Hey! That might be a good thing to have in MY applications". And for much of the time, I use this particular BBS as a storage device so that I can easily find something if I have deleted or lost the copy from my system.

I think that unanswered posts is not a cause for alarm; but an unanswered question from within the last fortnight may deserve a second look. An unanswered question from a newcomer within the last day might deserve at the least a "Welcome Aboard!" response, just to let them know that their post is visible.

Sometimes I don't have a good answer to a question, but I will respond "I have had the same problem" just to let the poster know that they are not alone.

Cheers, Chris
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