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Default How to get actual answers ...?

Let me start by saying that I mean no disrespect whatsoever to any of the other users of / contributors to this forum, particularly bearing in mind that many of you are presumably in much the same position as myself.
That being said:
There are posts on here which have had in the order of 500 views and not a single answer. As I type, in fact, out of all the questions that appear on the first page, there is only one answer out of a combined total of literally hundreds of views.
In a way, I suppose this sort of stands to reason: if we all understood how this bloody thing worked, we wouldn't have to be posting so many questions on here in the first place. But surely someone, somewhere, must understand how it works?
Perhaps I'm being naive - although personally I don't think so - but isn't there anywhere that we can go to get actual definitive answers?
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